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At first, Look at ingrown toenail


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※We can't guarantee the result. It depends on the nail condition.

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Do you have such a trouble?

あきらめていた足元のお悩み、爪と足の専門家 東京巻き爪補正店にお任せください!

  • Your thumb hurts when you walk.
  • You feel pain when you wear tight shoes.
  • Difficult to cut toenails.

Leave it to us any kinds of nails !




5 reasons that our salon is chosen in Tokyo

5 reasons that our salon is chosen in Tokyo

  1. painless

    Treatment scenery

    The treatment is not painful.We do not cut toenails. We do not remove toenails.

  2. どのような爪でも施術可能


    We can treat any type of nails even if your toenail is deformed, thick , too deep cut nail.

  3. 巻き爪矯正は美しい仕上がり


    We care about not only the improvement of ingrown toenailbut also the beautiful appearance.You can get a pedicure over the correcting plate.

  4. 巻き爪の再発率が軽減


    The most important thing of the ingrown toenail treatment is to correct from the bottom part of the nail. Reccurence percentage decreases by doing above.

  5. 認定ライセンスを持った技術者が施術


    Rest assured that we are accredited by the association.

Please talk about anything.

Flow of the treatment

  1. reservation

    Reservation is needed. Please fill out a personal sheet.

  2. Counseling

    Check the condition of your toenail. Explain the cause of ingrown toenail. We explain how to make your nail flat.

  3. treatment

    Treatment adjusting your toenail.

  4. 巻き爪の確認

    Confirm the nail condition before & after treatment.

  5. 巻き爪アフターケアー

    Tell you the correct way of walking.

  6. 次回予約

    Please make a next reservation. Take care of yourself.